Income Tax
Filing of Return
Computation of Income from books of accounts as per requirement of income tax authorities: filing of Income-Tax returns for individuals i.e. Salary and Business, Partnership, Private & Public Ltd. companies.

Tax planning 1. Consultation on tax planning within the framework of prevailing income tax laws.
2. Advance tax estimation and advice for payment.

T D S 1. Preparation and filing of TDS returns in physical as well as electronic format as per specifications of Income Tax Department
2. Uploading of E-TDS returns through NSDL authorized Shell Transource Ltd TIN-FC run by our office

Wealth tax 1. Filing of Wealth Tax Return
2. Assessment of Wealth Tax

Transfer Pricing
Income Tax Assessment
Attending Income Tax Scrutiny and Assessment proceedings and satisfying the Income Tax Authority's queries on behalf of the clients.

CIT & Tribunal Appeals
Handling Income Tax Appeals before CIT (A), Tribunal and High Court on behalf of client.
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