We provide following Subsidies related services for obtaining capital and other subsidies from State & Central Government.
Different subsidies are as follows;
  1. Maharashtra State Government Subsidy under Package Scheme of Incentives 2013, which includes;
  • Capital investment subsidy up to 90% project cost.
  • Interest rate subsidy of 5% in rate of Interest
  • Stamp duty exemption
  • Electricity Cess and Electricity Duty Exemption.
  1. Credit Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme for Technology Upgradation of the Small Scale Industries(CLCSS) up to 15% or 15 Lacs
  2. Cash Subsidy up to Rs. 62.50 Lacs under Gramin Bhandaran Yojna of Nabard.
  3. Cash Subsidy up to Rs. 50 Lacs under Scheme for Development / Strengthening of Agricultural Marketing Infrastructure Grading & Standardization.
  4. Cash Subsidy up to Rs. 50 Lacs under Ministry of Food Processing Industries.
  5. Cash Subsidy up to Rs. 75 Lacs for creation of Infrastructure Facilities for running Degree / Diploma in Food Processing Technologies
  6. Cash Subsidy up to Rs. 20 Lacs for Textile Units from Ministry of Textile.
  7. Interest refund up to 5 % of interest under Technology Up- Gradation Fund Scheme of Ministry of Textile.
  8. Cash Subsidy up to 70 % of project cost under cluster development programme for micro, small and medium enterprises.
  9. Cash Subsidy up to Rs. 50 Lacs for establishing cold storage chain facility from National Horticulture Mission.
  10. Cash Subsidy up to Rs. 50 Lacs for establishing Private Agriculture Produce Market Committee from Nabard.
  11. Obtaining subsidy from Ministry of Non-conventional energy.
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